Supply Chain & Pricing Updates

As you may already know, the prices of coffee have been increasing continuously in the last six months and are only expected to increase further.

Some factors impacting the coffee price are:
  • Green Coffee is up $0.60/ 12oz bag over the past 6 months and will go higher.
  • Compliance costs related to COVID has added 4%
  • Labor costs are up 5.3%
  • Supply costs are up 22.125%
  • Shipping is now $5.98/12oz bag and will possibly go up in Jan.

Although these circumstances are out of our control, we have been trying to keep the coffee prices to a minimum but now we know that costs will continue to go up throughout the year.

We have worked and still working incredibly hard this year to streamline processes with the suppliers and reduce internal costs as much as possible.

Mardy Rich

CEO Voodoo Roasters Coffee Company